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Harvestore XL Unloader™ Gearbox: More Powerful, Faster and More Efficient

CST Reveals New Custom Designed Gearbox

CST Industries, Inc., the world’s largest and leading tank and dome manufacturer announces the new Gearbox for CST’s Harvestore XL Unloader™. The iconic Harvestore has been around since the mid-1940s with silos 50 years old still in service today. The Harvestore XL Unloader™ Gearbox is a Harvestore Blueprint Part and can be retrofitted to the XL 200 and XL 400 Unloaders with ease. The new technologically advanced design provides extended bearings for better drive shaft support, regreasable bearings to prevent bearing contamination, and an integrated drive shaft for reduced clearances and improved gearbox life.

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Food Processors Get a 360-Degree View of Line Performance with Mettler-Toledo’s ProdX™ 2.0

To support global food manufacturers in meeting the documentation and active managerial control requirements of the Food Safety Modernisation Act (FSMA) when exporting their products to the US, Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection has launched the enhanced ProdX™ 2.0 data management software system (www.mt.com/pi-prodx).

Designed for use on food lines, as well as in pharmaceutical and chemical processing, this new and improved data management software package connects product inspection equipment across the entire production line into a single, unified network. In doing so, it is able to collect in-depth data about productivity and product quality issues, such as foreign body contamination,

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Vortex Offers Loading Spouts for Dry Bulk

Vortex’s loading spouts are used for loading dry/bulk solid materials into open and/or enclosed vessels like trucks, railcars and barges. The 4-cable lifting design provides maximum stability when compared to the standard 2- or 3-cable systems.

Vortex’s 10-year warranty covers any Vortex loading spout cable that breaks due to friction from the pulley. The 3-piece CNC machined pulley features chamfered edges and precision cable grooves to significantly reduce cable wear and back lashing as the loading spout extends and retracts. Because the cables do not fray, cable failure is nearly eliminated and so is costly downtime for repairs.

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Eriez Magnetics at AUSPACK 2017 Stand 601

Eriez Magnetics is exhibiting at AUSPACK, 7-10 of March at the Sydney Showground, and we would like to invite you to visit the show and our stand.

We will be showcasing our new and improved RE7 Tube Circuit, which proved to be 13 to 40 percent stronger than other magnets in head-to-head pull tests.

Come and chat to us about our popular Xtreme Metal Detector or our ProGrade line of magnetic separators which includes low-cost Plates, Grates, Traps, Tubes and Sight Glass Magnets in various sizes and strengths to satisfy practically any food processing application.

Our qualified technicians can recommend the best equipment for protection from ferrous contamination,

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Van Beek Lump Breaker Pulverizes Lumps Very Quickly

Van Beek has developed a robust lump breaker for reducing clumps, lumps or agglomerations in the food or chemical industry. For a growing number of manufacturers the lump or clump breaker has now become a vital component at the start of their process line.

The lump breaker can deal effectively with lump formation or agglomerations, for example turning them to powder. Before it passed through the more sensitive machines further on in the process, the lump breaker crushes everything that is bigger than a couple of granules stuck together.

Removing blockages in the process line
This efficient machine has already saved the day for manufacturers in various ways.

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Sanitary High Lift Box Tipper with Vibratory Bin Feeder

A new TIP-TITE® Bulk Transfer System from Flexicon moves material from boxes into a mobile bin with vibratory feeder that services multiple downstream processes.

All stainless steel construction allows handling of corrosive materials and/or wash down between runs of contamination-sensitive food, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and chemical products. Castors mounted at the base of the bin allow it to be rolled away from processing areas for a complete wash down.

Boxes measuring 915 to 1220 mm on a side and 990 to 1117 mm in height are loaded at floor level and raised hydraulically to seat against a discharge hood.

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Dino makes value added logistics possible for RL TRANS

The Finnish logistics service provider RL TRANS just like many other transport companies has been through a development in which the purchase of our mobile bulk truck loader Dino is almost a given. As an extra service to their client the company is now arranging the storage and transhipment of bulk goods and a Dino is a perfect solution for this. “We are very satisfied with the performance of our Dino”, says Andreas Lindedahl, Market Manager at RL TRANS.

Last year RL TRANS completed a bulk terminal for the storage and transhipment of bulk goods. As soon as a client receives an order from the transport company,

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Pneumatic Weigh Hopper with Fill/Pass Valve

A new weigh hopper with Fill/Pass Valve for dilute-phase pneumatic conveying systems has been introduced by Flexicon. Suspended from three small-scale load cells, the gain-in-weight hopper delivers higher accuracy than loss-of-weight systems requiring higher-capacity load cells.

Single or multiple hoppers can be positioned along a common vacuum or positive pressure pneumatic conveying line for discharging of dry bulk solids into single or multiple process equipment, storage vessels or downstream use points by weight. Downstream of the last fill/pass valve, the conveying line can be routed to the original material source point or into a dust collection device.

The system’s controller weighs a batch by changing the position of the valve which diverts conveyed material into the hopper.

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Automated Capsule Transfer – The Hanningfield CapsuJet

The Hanningfield ‘CapsuJet’ capsule transfer system, originally designed and patented by Hanningfield in 1995, remains the best and most efficient method for the conveying of hard shell capsules in industry today.

The ‘CapsuJet’ is designed to overcome the problems associated with conventional mechanical systems, and is the method of choice for the automatic loading of high-speed capsule filling machines.

‘Load it and leave it’ – entire boxes of capsules can be emptied into the large-diameter hopper and left to automatically feed the Capsule Filling Machine with empty capsules, keeping your process automated and continuous. The ‘CapsuJet’ uses a gentle,

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